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Discussion in 'The Hardwood' started by Mescudi, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Mescudi Indicud

    Well, we definitely need this, so we dont make seperate threads for stupid games.
  2. marcjunior92 Well-Known Member

    Excited about my lakers this season even with this 0-2 start (worst since 04-05 season).Offense looks great,defense looks better (still needs improvements),Kobe looks great (DEFINETLY better than last season).Really need Bynum tho.Lost to kings because of poor rebounding (and bullshit refs).

    LOL at mavs+bulls.
  3. DINHSProductions 10-11 Rookie of the Year

    Im excited about the Lakers as well, bad start but I can really see them going in the correct direction soon once they get Bynum back and they start to gel abit more. The mavs look horrible even though they are also 0-2. They looks lost out on the court, yet they have so many good pick-ups this off season. Bulls look restless, they looked like they weren't bothered playing during the Lakers match, and today they look half asleep against the Warriors. The spurs looked pretty good and Orlando beating the Houston Rockets. I'm looking for the Lakers to come out aggressive tomorrow and play very tough defence against the Jazz.
  4. Ace 2-Time M2 Survivor Champ

    why are you laughing at two teams which are equally as good and even better than the lakers?

    Anyway good win by the nets last night, lets make it 2-0 tonight against the hawks
  5. Mishania Exclusive Sh#t

    Cant wait to watch Heat-Celtics game.
  6. sakisgw3 From Robbins, Illinois...

    ^ Yeah, it's gonna be fun!
  7. marcjunior92 Well-Known Member

    Mavs got BLOWNED OUT 2 straight games at home.Bulls should have won rather easily against a lakers team without Bynum and got BLOWNED out by pacers.Plus their best player sucks ass right now.
  8. BraveHeartNucca Well-Known Member

    let's just go n make the following thread now.

    Official NBA Finals thread - Heat vs Thunder
  9. Skywalker I'm a rascal

    the same player who completely outclutched kobe a couple nights ago?
  10. BoogieFan Head Hop Hip

    This is how things shall be this year (so far anyway):
    Clippers > Warriors > Bulls > Lakers.

    Oh yeah, got to like that.
  11. kobebryant24mvp Banned

  12. marcjunior92 Well-Known Member

    Oops,meant warriors.His clutch shot against the lakers isn't an excuse for him to play shitty the other 47 mins.
  13. Legionarius I win by Attrition

    Some thoughts

    - Rubio outplayed Kyrie Irving.

    - John wall is still not a good player(will he ever be?). Turnover machine, has not improved his jump shot.

    - Lamar Odom is a horrible fit for the Mavs.

    - Also the Mavs, or any team, will never win a title with Wince Cancer (Vince Carter), who is the Least Valuable Player on any team he goes to. He's so bad right now he should retire.

    - Bulls lost to Marc Jackson's Warriors (huge lulz). Stephen Curry is good when healthy.

    - Be Thankful you have an opportunity to watch Steve Nash operate on the offensive end.
  14. Mescudi Indicud

    - Speaking of improvement, I gotta admit I'm already very impressed with James Harden. He really has no holes in his game - can create for himself, great playmaker and is a great defender. Definitely my pick for 6th man of the year.

    - Also, Pacers should trade Granger and build around Paul George.

    - Eric Gordon will score a lot.

    - Steph Curry's ankles are a disaster.
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  15. Benas360 V I P

    I hope that the Celtics can win by some magical way, I've got a bet with a friend that the Heat loses.
  16. JustInCredible JustAnHumblebrag

    -Very impressed with the Warriors

    I didn't watch the game vs the Bulls but I was impressed with the Clippers game.

    Their offense doesn't rely solely on the fast break anymore and Mark Jackson is preaching defense. They were playing some great D up until the 4th quarter. Warriors are dangerous this year.

    -Cavs are still hopeless

    -I agree with the bad fit with Lamar

    -Hornets still have a future

    -Pacers are dangerous

    -Harden 6th man of the year

    -Miami looking unstoppable
  17. marcjunior92 Well-Known Member

    SMH...How are the lakers gonna get rebounds against that Millsap-Jefferson front court??We need Bynum badly.
  18. Mescudi Indicud

    Throw in Favors and eventually Kanter in there, too... LAs frontcourt could be in for a long night.
  19. Ranga91 V I P

    I said this in the Christmas game day thread, but god damn I doubted and hated on Rubio badly before he came into the league. But after his first game I want to be his biggest di-ck rider, seriously the cunt will be like Pistol Pete, might even re-invent the game a little bit. I know its only his first game but you can already see his team mates trust him and love him because they know he will get them the ball. Also I reckon a side story is going to happen something similar to Nash and Dirk with Derrick and Ricky, they become close make a destructive duo and do big things.

    Otherwise was very impressed with Sixers debut, they put up a fight and showed Heart which I love seeing but just fell short. Iggy looking real good and I think hes going to be fighting for an All-Star spot and looking to make a name for himself this year, also Turner still trying to find his nieche.
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    Swag, swag swag swag

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