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  1. The Black Death Til Death do us part...

    Mixmakers.net Forum Rules

    Here at Mixmakers.net, your #1 Source for Sports Media and Discussion, we want to have a friendly, sociable environment where everybody can post freely. But with the word free comes regulations, and it is necessary to set some rules and clarify others.

    Please post in an intelligent manner. Keep slang usage and profanity to a minimum, we want to strive for effective communication.

    You are free to discuss religion, politics, and race, but PLEASE do so wisely. Do not insult other members based on their race, religion, or political views. We like discussions, we do not like tirades.

    Profanity is accepted on this site, just please try to use it sparingly. Certain words are censored, please do not try to circumvent the censor, doing so is a punishable action.

    Off topic posts/Spam: Please post on-topic in each thread. Please limit the use of pictures or one word posts in threads. This includes laughing (or LORFing) at other members’ posts with no explanation. Off-topic posts are punishable by moderators. Whether you get a warning, infraction, or ban is completely up to them.

    Insults: Please do not insult other members. Unfortunately, we cannot regulate stupidity, but we can regulate posts, so if someone says Troy Murphy is the best PF in the league, leave them to their opinion. We consider personal attacks and name calling insults and they are punishable.

    Trolling/Baiting: We consider posting foolishness and instigating to elicit a response from other members trolling or baiting. We do not permit this and it is punishable by moderators.

    Sharing: Sharing is caring on Mixmakers.net, but there are some things that we do not care for you to share. Do NOT share Better Basketball, the Vertical Project, or similar videos on this site. Doing so can get you a ban quick. Also, do not share full albums or movies or pornography on this site. We do tolerate picture posting of clothed women, but posting of children under the age of 18 in very little clothing will absolutely not be tolerated.

    Language: Please post in English only. This is a very diverse site, but we only speak one language here. Posting in other languages is likely to get you a warning from a moderator.

    Advertising: Please consult with a moderator first if you want to advertise something. For the most part, we do not permit advertising on this site.

    User Groups
    VIPs are denoted by green usernames. Do not ask to become a VIP. VIPs are hand selected by moderators and other VIPs due to their contributions on this forum. We prefer to keep the list small and you have to earn your keep.


    We administrators and moderators are here to make posting enjoyable and suitable. We are held to the same posting standards as you regular members. If you received some kind of discipline that you do not agree with, private message a moderator and discuss it politely. If you have a qualm with a moderator, please message an administrator. Moderators have bold, black names, Administrators have bold, blue names. Forum Leaders have the same privileges as moderators but for only a specific section.


    Donators have purple screen names. If you would like to become a donator, PM a mod. Donators will also receive VIP status.

    Untouchable Productions

    UP members are denoted by red usernames. They are Mixmakers hand selected crew. Graphics artists, mixers, and cappers/uploaders make up this crew. If you are interested in being apart of Untouchable Productions, pm a moderator or an administrator. We are always looking to expand amongst other sports since most of the members specialize in basketball. You will also receive a larger avatar and VIP status.

    Blog Team

    The blog team consists of writers for this site, generally guys who review movies, games, or write articles. They have orange usernames. If you are interested in joining the blog team, PM a moderator or administrator. You will receive VIP status and a larger avatar as well.


    Moderators act subjectively, punishing as they see necessary. Usually, minor offenses will lead to warnings or infractions. If you rack up enough of these, you can find yourself on vacation real quick. After the first ban, if you continue to act in the same fashion, you may lose your privileges to this site altogether.

    We also do not allow multiple accounts on this site. If you have multiple accounts, you will be banned. If you are banned and come back on a new account, you risk being permanently banned.


    We have a points system in place to help give incentives to the people who work hard to keep this site going. You can earn points by receiving donations from other members, betting, as well as just posting. The points can be redeemed in the Market for profile options, such as custom usertitles, username changes, gifts, and other customization options. Please do not abuse the points system or you will be banned.


    We also have a thanks system in place to express your gratitude quickly. Please do not abuse the thanks system or you will be banned.

    For the most part we are a laid back community. This site only runs off of the kindness of others, so please be respectful to your peers. If members are being disrespectful, please report posts and a moderator will take care of it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please visit the Contact Us section. Enjoy your time here!
  2. OmFgFcKu2 Not Banned

    Important messages like these should be stickied as 'announcements' so it appears on every forums (hardwood gridiron etc......)... Otherwise this would be on page 100 by the end of the week.

    Good catch on

  3. The Black Death Til Death do us part...

    Yea I posted it as an announcement. I'll sticky it in a little while because people tend to ignore stickied threads.
  4. fatboy_24! New Member

    You guys are actually going to track down on this now, like trolling, unnecessary post ? If so, that's great for the site and your doing a great job being a MOD.
    Keep it up :)
  5. qwerrr Guest


    you can talk about it all you want. i cant wait to see how you implement these 'new' rules ... i've been here for 5 years , not once have these rules been enforced consistently.
  6. ipodmini V I P

    lol was it your lorf thread that started everyone saying lorf? if so **** you :)
  7. qwerrr Guest

    nah it wasnt , ive been saying it a longgg timebefore that hahaha , but maybe everyone caught on from the lorfs
  8. JustInCredible JustAnHumblebrag

    so for Untouchable Productions do yall go battle other teams on other sites or somethin? or is it just a status acquired if your good at sigs/mixing/etc..
  9. afropimp89 S.O.N.A.D.

    Always tryna hold a nigga down. smh
  10. The Black Death Til Death do us part...

    Well there hasn't been any battling in forever, but there used to be a lot of crews on this site and there would sometimes be battles. But as of right now, it's just the name of M2's own team and if you're good at capping/mixing/graphics, you can qualify.

    This site desperately needs some regulation. If you were around in the past 2 years, you would understand. And chill with the use of the "n" word. And change your sig.
  11. afropimp89 S.O.N.A.D.

    Are the internet gods mad or something?
  12. The Black Death Til Death do us part...

    Yes. The cyberpolice are trying to meet their quota.
  13. afropimp89 S.O.N.A.D.

  14. JustInCredible JustAnHumblebrag

    how many people would make a crew?
  15. The Black Death Til Death do us part...

    However many you want I guess. 3? 8? We used to have mix battles and sig/wall battles with judges.
  16. JustInCredible JustAnHumblebrag

    well i figure since the graphic display section is finally startin to get some post we could have a sig of the week comp? but it might be too early
  17. Thanked your post. Excellent write up.

    It seems as if this place is pretty well run, and the rules that have been put in place are pretty good in my opinion.

    BTW, What's LORF'ing? ;)
  18. KSNM loser worst member ever. avoid me at all costs

    good rules. everyone should follow them.

    EDIT: why the bleep i can't post in the chatbox.
  19. 99PercentPro Banned


    guess why ?
  20. You might want to fix up these rules/guidelines - I donated to the site and wasn't given VIP access.

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